Being A Good Neighbor (2016 Style)

Being A Good Neighbor (2016 Style)

Release Date: 18 May 2016
ANCHOR LEAD: What does it take to be a good neighbor? Brian Osuch has more on a recent survey that shows how neighbor expectations vary across generations and cultures, and what you can do to feel more connected in your own community. (:60)

SCRIPT: In the Know, I'm Brian Osuch. To understand what's really happening in today's neighborhoods, State Farm commissioned Harris Poll to conduct a survey and found a number of areas where attitudes and actions did not align. Harriette Cole, an etiquette expert and nationally recognized advice columnist…

CUT: (Cole) People of all ages want to feel connected to their neighbors, but many still haven't developed those relationships. According to the research, 40 percent of Millennials wish they were closer with their neighbors. Guess what? Technology might help us connect across generations – texting, using social communities and even playing video games together.

SCRIPT: But, it's important to remember the classic tried and true way…

CUT: (Cole) Face-to-face conversations are still critical; 75 percent of people say it's important to welcome new neighbors, but only 41 percent say they were welcomed when they moved in. Be the first to welcome a new neighbor and learn their name.

SCRIPT: For more on the State of Neighbors survey results – from pet ownership to parking etiquette, go to Now you're In the Know from State Farm.
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