From Barcelona to Frankfurt: 1,300 kilometres connected all the way

Release Date: 16 September 2015
Martorell, 16/09/2015. – A third of all drivers are fully aware of their connectivity options when buying a car. We explore the possibility of remaining online with Leyre Olavarría, who is responsible for Infotainment at SEAT, on an actual journey from Barcelona to the exhibition grounds of the Frankfurt Motor Show, a distance of over 1,300 kilometres without losing our connection with the outside world. Can it be done?

As soon as we get in the SEAT Leon, Leyre connects her mobile to the car's system, and thanks to Full Link technology, she starts sharing the content of her phone on the car's touch screen. She immediately receives a Facebook post that reads "Frankfurt Motor Show, 17-27 September". With a simple click she dictates her response to the post – "I'm on my way to Frankfurt!"

The operation seems easy and effective. Leyre points out that "with SEAT's Full Link all you have to do is connect the phone to the car. The system accesses all the apps and content in your phone, and you can receive and answer anything from emails to Facebook posts simply by tapping the screen in a completely safe procedure".

On our way to the border with France, we witness how Leyre remains in contact with her colleagues at the office. She receives several emails on how the preparations for the motor show are progressing in Martorell and Germany. Every time, all it takes is a click and the car reads the messages, and Leyre dictates the answers she wants the system to reply with. "On a day like today, I'm going to spend a lot of time in the car and it's very practical to remain in contact with the office and stay in touch with what's happening", she says. It's also very practical when you want to make a call. Now you don't have to look up the name in an agenda – the Full Link system identifies who you want to call when you trace a simple gesture on the touch screen.

Although the trip is long, it's comfortable and the distance races by under the wheels. We leave France behind, and Leyre makes a slight gesture to find out what the weather is like in Frankfurt. When asked if any app can be installed in the car, Leyre tells us that "safety is a priority for SEAT, so only certified apps can be uploaded and used".

We reach our destination after covering more than 1,300 kilometres. Leyre parks the car at the Frankfurt Motor Show and before entering, she takes stock of the trip on her mobile. She says "connectivity works both ways – even when I'm outside the car I can also check the car's trip functions like distance and time, and see whether the tank needs filling".

We say goodbye to Leyre as she makes her way to the venue after verifying that it is indeed possible to drive across Europe and remain fully connected. "Now that we've developed it, we have to tell the whole world about it", she says with confidence as she enters one of Europe's greatest car showcases, where the company is going to present Full Link technology and its new SEAT CONNECT range to a global audience.
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