Horse against Leon

Horse against Leon

Release Date: 24 September 2015

Martorell, 22/09/2015-Virginia arrives at the stables early, as usual, and Cordat Z is already waiting for her, a 1.84 metre tall, 700 kilo German-bred horse. He pokes his head out of the stall and greets her. Suddenly, an unexpected noise disturbs the everyday scene. Virginia turns around and is surprised to see a Leon X-PERIENCE feeling right at home driving around the stables.

If a horse and a car were pitted against each other in a race, which would win? This is the challenge. Car and horse get ready to compete head on. As Virginia runs a wet sponge over Cordat Z's muzzle, the driver of the Leon X-PERIENCE finishes wiping down the car body. While she is checking the horse's hooves, the car monitors the pressure in the tyres. And so on, until Virginia takes the reins of Cordat Z and the driver adjusts the height of the steering wheel in the car.

There are ten obstacles placed around the ring, five for each of them. The race begins and the horse clears the first jump. But the Leon X-PERIENCE doesn't hesitate and also clears the first obstacle without any difficulty. Equipped with a range of TDI and TSI engines, this undeniably adventurous looking vehicle features all-wheel drive and a suspension system to master any kind of terrain. In addition, all the engines are characterised by their dynamism, performance and efficiency.

The race continues, and both tackle the next hurdle neck and neck. Neither of them as much as flinch. They both kick up dust, nail the landing, turn sharply, and at the end cross the finish line together, ending the competition in a draw.

SEAT has extended its seven-year commitment to the Barcelona Royal Polo Club sports entity for another three years. The new agreement places the Spanish carmaker as one of the club's institutional sponsors, and also makes SEAT the official vehicle of the internationally renowned CSIO international jumping competition.
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