Just like 'Charlie in the SEAT Factory'

Just like 'Charlie in the SEAT Factory'

Release Date: 17 June 2016

Martorell, 17/06/2016. -  “Just like Charlie in the SEAT factory”. This is how Jasper’s mother describes her 7-year-old son’s experience while on his dream visit to the SEAT headquarters in Martorell to witness first-hand how the cars that fascinate him so much are designed and manufactured.

Ever since he realised that his family’s car was a SEAT, Jasper has dedicated himself to poring over the brochures of each model, and despite his tender age, finding out everything he can about the features, performance and technology of the brand’s entire range. In light of his fascination, his mother Karen Cowan decided to reach out to SEAT to arrange a visit to a company showroom near their home in England.

But to her great surprise she received a call from SEAT to invite them to visit the company’s headquarters in Martorell, outside Barcelona. “We couldn’t believe it!” admits Karen, who is still overwhelmed. And that is how the Cowan family set out on a trip to Barcelona and the Martorell factory became a treasure box for Jasper.

A team of designers are waiting for the youngster and his family at the main entrance of the Design Centre. Jasper runs over to greet them and asks “Were you the people who created the Alhambra and Leon models?” Once inside, Tony Gallardo, one of the designers, explains the process they follow to create a car. Jasper pauses in front of a life-size clay model of a vehicle: “Why is it made out of this material?” he asks in surprise as he runs his hands over it. “This way we know the real dimensions and can make any necessary modifications to it”, says Tony. 

On the other side of the Technical Centre, in the Bodyshop, Jasper watches in amazement as over 2,000 robots assemble a line of cars. “Jasper, look how that robot turns!” exclaims Karen. “Wow, this is incredible!” says Jasper as he stares wide-eyed at all the technology surrounding him. “I’m pleasantly surprised by the level of the questions he’s asking us”, admits Javier Rivera, who is responsible for the Bodyshop.

“This makes me believe that the world is becoming a more friendly place, and a more educated and welcoming place for people with visible and invisible difficulties”, says Karen. As if he had just come out of an amusement park, or as his mother said, the famous chocolate factory made popular by the Tim Burton film, Jasper is quick to admit “I’ll never, ever forget this day in my whole life”.

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