Moving to the showcar beat

Release Date: 18 September 2015
Martorell, 17/09/2015. – "If you take away my music or my passion for work it's as if you leave me in the dark", claims David Delgado, who works at the SEAT Design Centre and who wrote the song to promote the company's new showcar to the whole world during the Frankfurt Motor Show.

This young man enjoys two great passions in life – car design and music. Now he has had the chance to combine them by composing a song for the launch of the new prototype. David feels there are several parallels you can draw between his two passions. "From an inspirational point of view, in both cases you're faced with a blank piece of paper – an enormous challenge right from the start", he points out. "The most important thing is to get people to identify with the car or the song", he adds.

Titled 'Experimenta', what David wants to convey is the dynamism and youthful spirit of the model. This young creative talent says that in the song, the car does the talking and invites people to experiment, dream about travelling and the possibility of going anywhere.

At the end of the day, "whether it's the design project of a new car or when you're composing a new song, what you aim for is an emotional reaction in people", concludes David.
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