My Elio. My Way. Paul Elio Reveals Disruptive Vehicle Customization System

Release Date: 24 March 2016
Over 50,000 consumers have reserved a place in line for their Elio

Vehicle has a targeted base price of $6,800 and is expected to get up to 84 MPG

Elio Motors continues to disrupt the auto industry as it moves towards production of the Elio.

The automaker's latest announcement, "My Elio. My Way." will revolutionize the way automobiles are customized by customers—ensuring that the least expensive vehicle on the market is 100% customizable with the best options, accessories and latest tech.

Paul discusses:
· NEW: My Elio, My Way.
· NEW: 24-Hour Vehicle Delivery
· NEW: Customize Your Elio Online
· NEW: Elio Motors to build and sell 100 pre-production vehicles in 2016
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