Professional Service Robotics at AUTOMATICA 2016

Professional Service Robotics at AUTOMATICA 2016

Release Date: 24 June 2016

AUTOMATICA 2016, which will take place in Munich from June 21 to 24, has attracted the world’s best in terms of Service Robots. Housed in the dedicated Service Robotics Demonstration Park in Hall B4.518, over 20 exhibitors will show off the very latest in service robotic technology in several themed areas focused on particular application types, such as medicine and transportation.

Service robotics is in demand. In contrast to "classical" industrial robotics, the emphasis is on applications for the service sector: walking aids for patients, self-propelled cleaning machines, aids for agriculture, in the air, under water or even in outer space - service robotics is now in practical use everywhere.

More and more applications are being launched on the market and help in automating services. Robots are creating jobs for themselves in various areas of everyday life. For their lasting, flexible and autonomous use beside humans, many aspects will come into play.

Inventory robots are mute assistants that autonomously scan products in department stores and create lists of incorrectly assorted goods or stock. The service robot Tiago can also navigate independently. The manufacturer Pal Robotics plans further possibilities beyond its use as a domestic assistant.

The EU project ECHORD supports various robotic research projects on their journey from lab to market. Among them is the harvesting system Garotics, designed to improve the harvesting speed and quality of asparagus. Anymal was developed for rough terrain. A possible scenario could be the autonomous inspection of oil rigs. The manufacturers of walking robots have complex problems to solve in development.

Problems that disabled and sick people or patients would rather do without. This is how Jaco, the six-axis robot arm from Kinova completes everyday tasks with its deft three finger hand. There are machines that help patients in geriatrics. The Exotrainer is especially suitable for treating children suffering from muscle wasting and also therefore a limitation of mobility.

Support for the sick and assistance for everyday life in the service sector - Service Robotics is one of the main topics at AUTOMATICA:

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