SEAT invests three million Euros in an Innovative health centre for its employees

SEAT invests three million Euros in an Innovative health centre for its employees

Release Date: 26 February 2016

Martorell, 26/02/2016. – Today SEAT laid the cornerstone of what will become an innovative health centre by the end of the year for its more than 14,000 employees. In the same event, the company has also received the certification Healthy Workplace given by AENOR. The new Health Care and Rehabilitation Centre (CARS) will have an extension of 1,300 square metres, will require an investment of three million euros and will feature three areas of activity – healthcare, preventive medicine and rehabilitation. Therefore, SEAT will have a team of 25 professionals specialising in traumatology, radiology and cardiology, among others.

One highlight among its many innovations is that the centre will provide the company's over 3,000 female employees with annual screenings for the early detection of breast and cervical cancer, thus becoming the only carmaker in Spain to feature this kind of in-company medical test. At the same time, it will have an innovative biomechanical laboratory, taking it another step toward the so-called Industry 4.0, applying the latest technology in the ergonomic design of work places and monitoring of musculoskeletal disorders.

The ceremony to mark the official start of construction was headed by Jordi Baiget, Minister of Business and Knowledge of the Catalan Government, and SEAT Vice-president for Human Resources Xavier Ros. Furthermore, during the event, AENOR President Carlos Esteban awarded the company with the Healthy Workplace certificate. SEAT is the first company in the automotive sector in Spain to receive this distinction.

According to SEAT Executive Vice-president for Human Resources Xavier Ros, "our employees are the driving force behind the company, and that's why we're investing three million euros on continuing to care for their health and well-being. With the future SEAT Health Care and Rehabilitation Centre, and thanks to the Healthy Workplace certification, we're one step closer to our goal of looking after our workers in a comprehensive manner, ensuring their physical and mental health and encouraging them to lead a healthy lifestyle."

"Companies consist of business owners and workers as an inseparable whole. Shared social responsibility should be an asset rather than an expenditure" pointed out the Catalan Government's Minister of Business and Knowledge Jordi Baiget during the groundbreaking ceremony.

Pioneering health care and prevention

SEAT's future Health Care and Rehabilitation Centre, which will be in operation by the end of this year in the heart of the Martorell factory, will be wholly dedicated to employees' health and well-being. It will cover an area of 1,300 square metres and require an investment of three million euros. In order to cater to the needs of over 14,000 employees, the company will have a team of 25 professionals specialising in diverse medical fields such as traumatology, radiology, cardiology, psychiatry and sociology. In addition, the CARS will include the latest technology in radiodiagnosis to promote the diagnosis and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, among other pathologies. Furthermore, the CARS will also feature multipurpose areas for rehabilitation and fitness, where employees can perform different physical activities led by first level professionals.

AENOR model of Healthy Workplace

The future CARS is preceded by AENOR's formal recognition of SEAT as the first Healthy Workplace in the automotive sector in Spain. At today's ceremony, AENOR President Carlos Esteban presented SEAT Vice-president for Human Resources Xavier Ros with the certification. This model, based on criteria outlined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and on the methodology of continuous improvement, certifies that the company has implemented a superb management system that promotes and protects health, safety and well-being in the workplace.

According to AENOR President Carlos Esteban, "occupational health today cannot be limited to considering physical, chemical and ergonomic risks. It must also cover health habits and psychosocial factors. AENOR has developed a Healthy Workplace Model that responds to this need, and 38 certificates have been issued to companies that implement it".

Did you know that…?

  • Over 10,000 people will visit the CARS for personalised treatment.
  • The future rehabilitation and fitness rooms of the CARS are inspired by TRX suspension training, one of the most advanced, efficient systems of training and prevention, initially used by the US marine's submarine division. This training method allows users to work against their own body weight to develop core body strength, and improve joint and muscular stability.
  • Industry SEAT 4.0 approach: the new biomechanical laboratory of the CARS will use the latest technology to design and implement man-machine collaboration with maximum ergonomics in the production process of a vehicle.
  • SEAT currently has a 31 health professionals in its staff, specialised in occupational health, cardiology and traumatology. This medical staff serves the eight centres in operation in the company. With the CARS, 25 more professionals will be added as well as a completely innovative new centre.
  • The company has two internal ambulances and an emergency medical team 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Roughly 12,000 medical examinations are performed every year at SEAT. In 2015, the company conducted medical check-ups on about 87% of the workforce.
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