Seat Presents The 20v20 Showcar

Seat Presents The 20v20 Showcar

Release Date: 03 March 2015
This evening, SEAT President Jürgen Stackmann presented the brand's 20V20 showcar at the Volkswagen Group media event, a prelude to tomorrow's opening of the Geneva Motor Show.

The SEAT 20V20 (meaning Vision 2020) delivers a clear vision of the brand's future in the form of a powerful, exceptionally sporty SUV. The sculptural silhouette of this car reveals the systematic development of the Spanish carmaker's seductive design language. The 20V20 reinvents the concept of an SUV and takes aesthetics and driving pleasure to the highest level in a car that redefines sportiness.

Speaking at the Volkswagen Group media evening, Jürgen Stackmann stated that "the 20V20 reflects SEAT's ambition in the future. With this showcar we are highlighting how we intend to develop our brand's design language. At SEAT we aim to develop and produce highly emotional cars that appeal to our customers, with plenty of character, innovative design, modern technology, quality and precision at an affordable price. With these values that characterise SEAT and set us apart from the competition, we strive to be, and will be, the first choice of young-spirited, dynamic customers".

The SEAT showcar combines the dynamic styling of a sporty four-door coupé with the elegance of an SUV and the versatility of a compact. Featuring 20 inch wheels and full LED headlights that project an expressive head-on look, this SUV has an unmistakable presence, while the interior points to a spacious, high-quality passenger compartment that comfortably accommodates five people. In addition, a complete package of driver assistance systems further enhances the levels of onboard comfort and safety.

Special mention goes to the fact that the SEAT 20V20 offers a suitable platform for all types of engines, ranging from the high-performance TSI and TDI motors to plug-in hybrids. At the same time, a DSG gearbox transfers the engine's power to the wheels and it features electronically controlled four-wheel drive.

The SEAT press conference is taking place tomorrow morning at 9.30 at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

In the following link: you can find the SEAT press kit of Geneva Motorshow
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