SEAT’s Fast Lane, shortest time from order to delivery

SEAT’s Fast Lane, shortest time from order to delivery

Release Date: 27 November 2017
‘Road to easy’
  • SEAT becomes the first company to ensure the delivery of a car in two to three weeks
  • This groundbreaking service begins in Germany and Spain following a pilot trial in Austria
  • During the test stage, the initiative resulted in over 300 vehicles sold
  • The service is offered for the most requested configurations of the SEAT Leon and Ibiza
  • Fast Lane is a part of SEAT’s Order to Delivery 4.0 strategy, which explores new purchasing experiences for users 
​Martorell, 27/11/2017. - SEAT has introduced the Fast Lane service, which enables customers to reduce delivery times down to between two to three weeks. This innovative process greatly simplifies the purchasing experience of users, who can configure their vehicle easily and take delivery in their chosen dealership within 14 or 21 days, always subject to regional administrative timings.

With this initiative, SEAT becomes the first carmaker in the world to offer this pioneering service, which slashes delivery times to well below the standard average of around 90 days. Launched in the Austrian market as a pilot trial in early 2017, the brand has sold over 300 units through an offer that enables customers to personalise their car and choose among more than 100 configurations of the SEAT Leon or the Ibiza.

Now the Fast Lane service kicks off in Germany and Spain. It will be offered in the German market for the SEAT Leon and Ibiza, and only for the Leon in Spain. With this service, the brand anticipates users’ new demands and consumer habits, customising their purchasing experience and making it increasingly easy, fast and accessible. SEAT Vice-President for Sales and Marketing Wayne Griffiths highlights that “SEAT is seeking new solutions to make customer delivery times a competitive advantage for the brand. Fast Lane is the answer to a changing society where delivery periods are a key factor in consumers’ decision to buy”.

In this new scenario, the dealership network plays a crucial role in the process, as they are responsible for processing orders, closing the deals and delivering the models to the final customers.

Fast Lane falls within the framework of the Order to Delivery 4.0 strategy, a project which has been created to achieve greater speed and reliability in the purchasing and delivery processes using advanced new technologies. As explained by SEAT Vice-President for Production Dr. Andreas Tostmann, “The initiative will enable us to research new logistics solutions and with the experience acquired we will be able to introduce Fast Lane selling in other markets, with our sights firmly set now on Germany. Using predictive order systems, efficient production and anticipatory shipping, the flexibility of SEAT Fast Lane’s process sets a new global standard in car delivery”.

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