Sometimes, a different point of view makes you realise the great things around you

Sometimes, a different point of view makes you realise the great things around you

Release Date: 22 June 2016

Martorell, 21/06/2016. – “Discover SEAT”. With this slogan, SEAT is showing a compelling TV spot aimed at enhancing its brand image and sharing its values, as well as highlighting how important the company is in the automotive sector and in Spain’s economy. All these with the star of the spot, the new Ateca, a vehicle that is chock-full of technology taking SEAT for the first time into the compact SUV segment. The advertising campaign has already started in Spain and Germany and it will be shown also in other SEAT markets after summer time.

The emotional campaign features the crew of lunar orbiter mission’s Apollo 8, and how they are captivated by the beauty of planet Earth and its geographical terrain instead of the mystery of landing on the Moon. Spectacular aerial images including Isla Cristina (Huelva), Montaña Pasiega (Cantabria), Valle de Ordesa (Aragón), Sierra Alhamilla, (Almería), and Cabo Formentor (Mallorca), are etched into their memory forever from their unique perch high above. And it is that moment when they appreciate what they have on Earth and the countless number of places to enjoy and feel proud of.

According to SEAT global Marketing director Susanne Franz, “with the brand campaign ‘Discover SEAT’, the company aims to highlight its most surprising facet, the one that not everybody is familiar with and is worthy of admiration”. SEAT’s goal is to heighten the pride and sense of belonging for everything that is done in Spain, and to learn to appreciate what is ours; turn SEAT into a sought-after brand, appeal to a wider and more aspirational audience. Ultimately, improve the way its quality, reliability and technology are seen. 

Sometimes, a different point of view makes you realise the great things around you. Not only does the brand want to show its vehicles, but also what happens behind the scenes of the company and how surprising SEAT is on the inside. The moment when the engine in a SEAT car is fired up for the first time is the culmination of an extensive process – a story that develops off-stage with a thousand different faces stemming from just an idea for a car.

SEAT put Spain on wheels with the 600, and soon became the people’s brand. Subsequent arrivals include the 1500, 850, 124, 127, the Ibiza, Toledo and Leon, among others, all models that in many cases continue to write the history of SEAT right up to now. And with the launch of the new SEAT Ateca, the brand is going through one of the most important periods of its history, one that will extend with the arrival of three more new models between this year and 2017.

A company with an unforgettable past, a brilliant present and a promising future. This is how SEAT can be described. For this reason, the company invites you to rediscover SEAT and appreciate everything that the only Spanish carmaker has to offer and what it stands for.

SEAT today:

-    Efficiency: SEAT is the only company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets cars in Spain  
-    Research: 
SEAT is the largest industrial investor in R&D in Spain 
-    Economy: 
SEAT represents 1% of Spain’s GDP
-    Productivity: 
SEAT has one of the Volkswagen Group’s largest and most flexible factories in the world 
-    Sales: 
SEAT has sold more than 5 million SEAT Ibiza cars and 70% can be seen driving on roads all over the world 
-    Exports: 
SEAT exports 80% of its production to more than 75 countries
-    Connectivity: 
SEAT has a strategic collaboration with Samsung to create the connectivity of the future in its models 
-    Sustainability: 
SEAT al Sol, the largest solar power plant in the car industry in the world, featuring 53,000 solar panels

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