The SEAT Ateca Springs into Action for the First Time

The SEAT Ateca Springs into Action for the First Time

Release Date: 01 April 2016

Martorell, 01/04/2016. - The latest novelties in driver assistance systems, 4.36 metres in length, a 510 litre volume boot capacity…the list of features on the new SEAT Ateca is long, but nothing better than to get it out on the road to test its technology and innovations in person. This is the first time that the compact made in Martorell leaves the facilities, and Thomas Schauer, one of the company's engineers, is in charge of driving it and making an evaluation. After years of hard work, SEAT's first SUV is finally a reality and the following are its main innovations and the impressions they create when sitting behind the wheel.

-Kessy System: The innovations begin even before stepping into the car thanks to the Kessy System, which lets you automatically access and start your car without having to use a key, as long as it is in your pocket or handbag.

-Welcome light: A welcoming light from the LEDS mounted on the door mirrors lights up the area of the doors. Once seated inside, "the higher seating position typical of an SUV conveys an instant feeling of safety and protection".

-Dynamism: "When designing the chassis we paid a lot of attention to achieving the perfect balance between sportiness and comfort" 
to make driving agile and comfortable.

-Off road driving: The new SEAT Ateca gives the driver superb versatility "in the city as well as on mountain outings with the entire family". Despite its robustness, the Ateca is among the most lightweight vehicles in its segment, and its four-wheel drive ensures easy handling on even the most difficult terrain.

-LED headlights: The new Ateca features full LED headlights that provide safer illumination when driving. 

-Efficient engine: With an engine line-up ranging from 115 to 190 horsepower, this SEAT "proves to be nimble and silent, and offers high performance".

-Connectivity: The new compact model's 8 inch screen and Full Link connection system ensure that the driver will remain fully and safely connected while inside the car. At the same time, the Wireless Charger charges all the driver's electronic devices without the need for cables.

-Driver assistance: To make driving easier, the Ateca features several driver assistance systems such as the Traffic Jam Assist, which provides lane guidance when driving in heavy traffic below 60 km/h, and Emergency Assist, a system that emits a visual and acoustic signal and lightly activates the brake when the driver remains inactive for a period of time, ultimately bringing the car to a stop and turning on the emergency lights if there is no response. 

-Top View: The vehicle is equipped with four cameras that transmit images from the entire vehicle perimeter, giving the driver a complete view of the surroundings, increasing the feeling of control and safety, and enabling easy manoeuvrability in tight space. In addition, the Ateca includes a detector with two rear-mounted sensors that warn the driver of another vehicle located in the car's blind spots.

-Functional: In addition to its technological features, the new model stands out for its functionality. The available interior space can be used efficiently, and the 510 litre volume boot space offers a lot of possibilities. The Ateca con also come equipped with an electric hatch that can be opened and closed by placing a foot beneath the rear bumper.

In addition to its technology and design, the SEAT Ateca offers a great deal of "excitement". A "dynamic, fun and comfortable" driving experience, concludes Thomas after driving the new model for the first time.

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