Toni Bové Signs On With Seat

Toni Bové Signs On With Seat

Release Date: 19 September 2017
  • With a career spanning more than four decades, he was a part of the FCB medical team and a physiotherapist of the Spanish Olympic Committee
  • Bové works in the SEAT Healthcare and Rehabilitation Centre (CARS) as Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation team leader  
  • The CARS medical team also includes cardiologist Sandra Pujadas, gynaecologist Emmanuel de Sostoa, orthopaedist Ignacio Martínez and biomechanics expert José Luis Parreño, among other doctors
Martorell, 19/09/2017. – Physiotherapist Toni Bové has signed on with SEAT to become one of the 25 professionals who make up SEAT’s Healthcare and Rehabilitation Centre (CARS). This company facility is a forerunner in preventive, healthcare and rehabilitation medicine, and is staffed by more than 25 specialists in areas such as orthopaedics, cardiology and gynaecology, among others, offering personalized services to the company’s more than 14,500 employees.

Bové joins CARS as Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation team leader, the unit responsible for strengthening and regaining workers’ mobility and physical fitness, as well as their recovery and treatment of musculoskeletal pathologies. Likewise, he is developing the ‘Return to Work’ programme, coordinating the team of fitness trainers for the final preparation in last stages of recovery.

With a career of more than forty years as a Professional Sport physiotherapist, Toni Bové has a degree in nursing and physiotherapy from the Barcelona Clinical Hospital. He was a member of the Spanish Olympic Committee for the last nine editions of the Olympic Games, he is a member of the medical team of the Area FCB Universitas, which is dedicated to scientific research to promote athletic performance and transmitting knowledge, and from 1982 until last year he worked as a physiotherapist for the Futbol Club Barcelona’s basketball division. According Toni Bové, “CARS is a European benchmark medical centre which stands for a cultural change in the industry. Not only has SEAT become a reference ‘Healthy Company’, but also a flagship company in promoting health”.

In addition to Bové, a total of 25 professionals make up the CARS medical team, including Dr. Sandra Pujadas, a collaborating cardiologist at the Hospital de Sant Pau and at the Clínica Teknon, Dr. Emmanuel de Sostoa, a specialist in Gynaecology and Obstetrics at the Hospital de Sant Pau and founder of the Spanish Society of Prenatal Diagnosis. Heading the Orthopaedics department is Dr. Ignacio Martínez, a specialist in Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery at the Hospital Vall d’Hebron, and the Biomechanical area is led by Dr. José Luis Parreño, Ergonomics and Occupational Biomechanical expert. All of them, among other specialists, will all attend more than 50,000 patient visits annually.

CARS, unique healthcare facilities

One of the several units included in SEAT’s new healthcare centre is the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation division. The rehabilitation and fitness rooms offer training programmes based on the systems used by the US marine’s submarine division, with exercises designed to work against the body’s own weight to develop core body strength. CARS professionals will adapt these programmes to each individual based on their clinical history and job requirements.

In addition, one of the most unique facilities featured in CARS is a biomechanical laboratory equipped with high technology, where more than 20 cameras process workers’ musculoskeletal characteristics in 3D, with the aim of perfectly adapting the ergonomics of each job requirement. These scans will be used in the design stage of workstations and also to prevent pathologies related to the production process as well as help improve rehabilitation in the event of injuries.
Among its many new features, the centre also offers facilities where the company’s over 3,000 female employees can go for gynaecological examinations for the early detection of breast and cervical cancer.
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