Top Tips for Road-Tripping? Do it Right

Top Tips for Road-Tripping? Do it Right

Release Date: 30 July 2018

As the last month of summer dawns upon Europe, holidaymakers around the continent are gearing up to hit the road and make the most of the hot weather. They’ve probably got three suitcases, two inflatable beach lilos, a baby stroller, an umbrella and an endless number of toys for the children - typical baggage that a family loads into their car before going away for holiday. Been there, dealt with that? The struggle to fit it all in the boot is real, isn’t it? Well, worry not, we've got some top tips for you from two of our clients, SEAT and Goodyear.

The KonMari MethodTM, created by Marie Kondo – a famous author of books about tidiness as a life philosophy – and SEAT engineering join forces to tackle this challenge. The following five recommendations will help you keep your sanity when packing:

1. Less is more. Knowing what to choose is the first step to making preparations prior to going on holidays according.

2. Sort by categories. Subdividing the items you have finally decided to take with you into categories is a good way to organise everything easily and efficiently.

3. Clothing, rolled up and placed vertically. Packing suitcases and getting everything to fit is often like a game of Tetris. In order to maximise the space you should “roll up each article of clothing and place them vertically, as they take up less space and you can easily see everything at once”, she recommends. In addition, it creates “a relaxing visual effect”, she adds.

4. Make the most of the interior of the car. Keeping everything in its place isn’t just a philosophy, a lot of engineering goes into it as well.

5. In the boot, last in – first out. The first thing to consider when placing baggage in the car is to take advantage of the under floor compartment.

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Once the stuff is in the trunk, follow Goodyear’s top five tips to have a carefree and utterly pleasant exodus:

1. Avoid the busiest weekends

2. Know your umweltzones and péages

3. Avoid major highways

4. Read the news

5. Keep your distance

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